#96 | Present Perfect with EVER, NEVER, BEFORE, JUST, ALREADY, RECENTLY, STILL e YET – Part II

No post anterior, trouxe alguns usos bastante comuns do presente perfeito. Agora, você vai apresentar algumas partículas que costumamos usar no mesmo tempo verbal.

EVER = já, alguma vez em sua vida (em perguntas)

  • Have you ever driven a truck?
  • Has he ever been to a circus?

NEVER = nunca

  • I’ve never been to New York.
  • She’s never seen me.

BEFORE = antes

  • We’ve been here before.
  • I’ve never stayed in a five-star hotel before.

JUST = acabar de (ação que acabou de acontecer em um passado próximo)

  • The plane has just landed. The passengers are getting their carry-on.
  • The store has just closed; you cannot go in now.
    Note: No inglês americano, não costumamos usar o JUST no presente perfeito, mas o passado simples. (The store just closed.)

ALREADY = já (usado em frases interrogativas e afirmativas)

  • Have you already told her the news?
  • I’ve already done my homework.

RECENTLY = recentemente

  • Have you seen her recently?
  • I haven’t travelled much recently.

YET = já (usado em frases interrogativas)

  • Has the bus arrived yet?
  • Have you had lunch yet?

STILL e YET = ainda (usados em frases negativas, mas em posições distintas nas frases)

  • Our pizzas haven’t come yet.
  • We still haven’t had our exam results.


Complete the conversation with the words from the box.

already been before ever just never recently still yet
MANDYHow are the wedding plans going?
SARAHOk, but there are lots of things I haven’t done (0) _________ .
MANDY But you’ve (1) _________ chosen your dress, haven’t you?
SARAH No, I (2) _________ haven’t seen anything I like.
MANDY Have you (3) _________ to Baxter’s? They’ve got a good selection.
SARAH Really? Their clothes used to be very old-fashioned. But I haven’t been there (4) _________ .
MANDY It’s better now. Actually, there are lots of nice designs in the Nuptia catalogue. Perhaps you should get a dress from them.
SARAH I’m not sure. I’ve (5) _________ bought a dress from a catalogue.
MANDY Well, at least have a look at it. They’ve (6) _________ sent me the new edition. I can bring it around later.
SARAH All right
MANDY What about the cake? Have you (7) _________ tried that place on Randall Street? They do fantastic cakes.
SARAHI know. But they seemed a bit expensive to me. Of course, I don’t really know how much a big wedding cake should cost. I’ve never bought one (8) _________ !

Answer key

0. yet; 1. already; 2. still; 3. been; 4. recently; 5. never; 6. just; 7. ever; 8. before

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